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Difficult to Control Your Appetite? Pat Forehead Can Overcome It

appetite controlWhen stress or being happy, usually the desire to eat large meals often unstoppable. However, a researcher from the United States found an easy trick to help overcome this. One of them with a pat forehead.

Researcher named Richard Weil, M.Ed. The CDE found the trick is after doing an experiment on 55 men and women were classified as obese or overweight.

Each of them was asked to do three things that claimed Richard can distract a person from passion or desire to eat the excess portion.

The experiment began by asking participants to imagine four types of food they like. Then participants were asked to provide an assessment of the intensity of their appetite for each of the food as well as describe how clear picture of the food in the minds of participants.

Afterwards, participants were asked to perform four ways that have been claimed can reduce a person’s appetite, which tapped his forehead, patting the ears, toes tapping and staring at a blank wall. Each for 30 seconds.

As a result, four of the proven effective way to control appetite participants who have a body mass index by an average of 43.7 such.

Bio Energy Pendant

The Benefit of bio Energy Pendant – Many energy products on the market lately, with power varying beam energy. The size of the beam energy and vibration will affect the effectiveness of healing. By scientific measurement, Bio Energy Pendant continue to occupy the top position with the vibration strength and radiant energy than any other energy objects. Try Bio Energy Pendant compare with other products in terms of the emitted energy and healing power, much different !! Prove it now !!

Bio Energy Pendant review

The power of energy can be measured by scientific measurement tool; The meter can be produced from the US and proved how its influence in accelerating the flow of blood through a microscope observation.
Factually, Bio Energy Pendant is the only product that has the power of the FIR and anion energy beam that far surpass other similar products on the market. Bio Energy Pendant measurable ranges> 10.000CPm to 20.000cpm (Count per minute), while the other products the average is still in the range of 3000 Count Per minute. Consequently the power of radiant energy of a product will greatly influence the strength in helping blood circulation and regulate the body’s bio-system of a person.
As we know, a healthy measure whether or not a person one is seen from the current absence of circulating blood in his veins. If the blood circulation to all organs smoothly, then certainly the nutrients will be able distributed to all parts of the body. If the transport of nutrients in the body there is no problem, it means that he’s healthy. Conversely when the fatal blood circulation in the veins is not smooth (eg there are clogged in certain parts). So a variety of diseases such as stroke, heart problems, high cholesterol, gout, migraine, obesity, digestive disorders, dizziness and others caused by the circulatory system. So, how important we consider this problem. Well, Bio Energy Pendant scientific proven by monitoring a person’s blood capillary circulation via the microscope, when given Bio Energy Pendant, it would seem that changes in blood flow more smoothly and quickly.

bio energy pendant

Bio Energy Pendant For Your health

Bio Energy Pendant is present to help the problems of those who have health problems due to the circulatory system is not smooth. In fact, for those who are healthy despite Bio Energy Pendant will be very useful. Almost everyone who wears Bio Energy Pendant definitely feel the power of energy, and they feel there is a feeling of peace, peace and quiet in her. Bio Energy Pendant By wearing this all the time, you do not have to bother to increase the vibrational frequency of your body’s cells. Once you wear it, you feel the sensation Energy Pendant incredible! So the actual energy produced energy pendant is beneficial to the human body. many benefits that can be obtained when one uses the pendant are: the body becomes more fresh, make body more flexible and not easily tired physically. This pendant products are also known as kalung kesehatan can feel after use during Less than 24 hours.